BAR le Ball Membership

A membership in BAR le Ball will increase your community presence, deepen ties with your clients, improve your business publicity, and increase health awareness.BAR le Ball promotes sports and health related information as well as member activities and provides member’s primary business information to recruit participants and to enhance client relationships.BAR le Ball principally serves the sports, healthcare, and food industries, but welcomes almost any business that supports a lifelong healthier lifestyle through sports activities.



Membership Qualifications

Membership to BAR le Ball shall be made up of those businesses specializing in a wide range of fields related to sport and health including:

Sport Related Business and Industry
Sport Organization / Class
Budo Organization / Class
Sport or Budo Specialized Facility
Sport Gym, Fitness Club
Sport Club
Sport or Budo Goods
Sports Medicine
Physical Therapy
Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Shiatsu – Finger Pressure Therapy



Food and Beverage Related Business and Industry

  • Restaurant
  • Carvery
  • Catering
  • Bar
  • Sport Bar
  • Pub (Food)
  • Lounge
  • Cafeteria / Diner
  • Takeaway with Seating
  • Fast Food with Seating
  • Manufacture
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock

Other Businesses and Industries
Travel and Tourism



Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee $100.00 /year
Initiation Fee $20.00
Business Profile Page Production $20.00The membership will be valid for one year from the first day of the next month after deposit.

Application for Membership

Please complete and return the Online Membership Application Form※ The information submitted is not used for any purpose other than as specified in this document.
※ After receiving your application, we will confirm with our member who referred you to BAR le Ball.
※ We will send an invoice to the email address provided approximately 5-7 business days after receiving your application. Please pay by the end of the month via PayPal.
※ Your business information will be published approximately 5-7 business days after receipt of images.
※ Up to 10 pictures and logo may be placed along with your business information.
※ The membership fee is not refundable upon early termination or cancellation.


Opportunities to Play

Ball GamesVolleyball

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